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Compliant Creativity

Preserve your creativity, and get your playground or open space design certified, with a one-week turnaround - or it’s free.

Without an industry watchdog, thousands of children are injured each year needlessly. We’re working to fix that. 

There are a lot of providers that claim to be “Certifiers” (and charge like they are!).


The truth is, if your Certifier is not an Engineer, and does not have “Certification Insurance” for playgrounds and open space, then you are throwing your project budget down the drain, for bad advice, and no insurance cover in the event of an injury - because the insurer will simply walk away.


We see this happen time and time again, and we are on a crusade to stop this happening!

One of the biggest risks with Certifiers is knowing their insurance will function in case it’s needed, not just today, but decades into the future. In over 35 years, we have never had a certificate successfully challenged, which is why the biggest names in play and open space trust us to ensure the safety of the next generation.


We combine the highest level of experience in the industry having certified over 6500 projects, with the correct insurance, and Engineer-level certification. This means we stand by our advice, and so can you.


Thanks to our experience, we back our ethos of “Compliant Creativity” 100%, and it is at the core of what we do. This means we want your design to work, and to preserve the aesthetic wherever possible. 


Achieving compliance shouldn’t ruin your design, and usually, it can be achieved with simple, subtle alterations the client (and the end user) wouldn’t notice.


On completion, properly certified projects breeze through PC review of compliance, whether it is local government, a developer, or ASEQUA. 


This means you look great to your end client, and can finally get some sleep, all without worrying about an accident coming back to bite you!

Proper certification shouldn’t cost the earth - Full end-to-end certification costs less than the cooktop of an outdoor BBQ, a bench seat, or 10m2 of Irrigated garden beds.


It’s also mind-blowingly less than the cost of rectification - and in the event of an accident saves millions in legal fees & and payouts. 


We know the biggest hassle with certifiers is wait times, which is why we introduced our turnaround guarantee. As long as we know your review is coming, we will have it back to you in 3 business days or less, or it's free.


We respond same-day to emails before 3 pm, and as the biggest play and open space Certifier in Australia, you can almost always get one of our team on the phone - or we will call you right back, the same day.

We have the capacity for only 500 additional Projects in 23/24, so reach out today to avoid disappointment.

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