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As the pioneers of independent playground & equipment certification in Australia and New Zealand in 1996; we have the experience & track record to identify, mitigate and advise on any playground design related challenge you or your client may face, be it traditional, custom, innovative, water, nature or natural play.


Partnering with stakeholders at all levels, we are familiar with all aspects of the open space and playground industry, we assure that your next design meets standards before it becomes a built environ.


As independent consulting engineers, we verify custom and standard design for playground companies, landscape architects, artists, designers and custom installers across the Asia-Pacific region.


Design verification provides compliance certification for the built environment, particularly where the line between open space building codes blurs with an intended user design, to ensure designers are not exposed to product design risk.


The risk environment has progressed far beyond simple playground standards since we first pioneered certification in 1996. 


As the industry evolves, through standards committee involvement, and a willingness to review and certify to standards both new and evolving. 


Whether your next project is a commercial shopping centre, parkour area or natural play environment, we partner with designers on the forefront of design to ensure compliance.


Inclusivity and accessible design is more than just tactiles and wheelchair access.


As technical advisers of the Access Audits Australia guide - “How to develop more accessible playgrounds”, and an industry leader in accessibility through intelligent design, we can ensure your next project meets the needs of all stakeholders.



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