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Across the Asia Pacific, our commercial, residential and government clients rely on our expertise to assist with comprehensive end-user risk mitigation across a range of disciplines from accessibility to custom product certification.


From site assessment to expert witness inspection, our fully certified inspectors can assess sites to standards including accessibility, play safety, safety in design and general end-user risk.


We regularly work closely with clients and stakeholders to ensure consistent, standards-based reporting is undertaken.

Entirely independent, we provide safety and compliance inspection and asset services for local and regional authorities, schools, childcare centres, shopping centres, and private stakeholders across Australia and New Zealand. We certify to local standards as required, including but not limited to, AS 4685, AS 16630, NZS 5828, EN 1176, or local equivalent as required.

The use of risk management to limit liability is vital during the lifecycle of any facility. Due to our broad experience across a multitude of standards and facilities, from private space to public art, nature play or commercial premises we provide high-level certification and advisory on the potential risks to the users of your next space.

Assisting in the transition from drawing to the built environment, CCEP undertakes safety compliance inspections of open spaces, playgrounds, commercial premises, and amusement parks to the relevant state and national legislation (or standard) where relevant.

With the capacity to service all of the Asia Pacific, we can come to you.

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