Offering integrated professional services for a wide range of projects and clients across Australia and New Zealand, we are recognised not just for design certification, but for our focus on intelligent outcomes, stakeholder value addition and championing the natural space.


We provide safety engineering, open space review, CPTED review, play and playground review, structural engineering, hydraulic design and design assistance, safety in design, general consulting and audit services for the public and private sector.


By specialising in end-user risk across a broad range of services and providing collaborative consulting to our clients, we bring risk-benefit to the forefront to help build a more intelligent future.


Specialising in providing tailoured risk services since 1987, CCEP has partnered with artists, architects, designers and city planners to ensure spaces are as safe as necessary, without compromising intent, visuality or usability by the intended user.


Prominent examples of our work include Sydney Olympic Park, Southbank Brisbane, and Prince Alfred Park.



The use of risk management to limit liability is vital during the lifecycle of any facility.


Due to our broad experience across a multitude of standards and facilities, from private space to public art, nature play or commercial premises we provide high-level certification and advisory on the potential risks to the users of your next space.




From design to construction, we undertake safety compliance reviews and inspections of open spaces, commercial premises, playgrounds, amusement parks and other specialised premises upon request.


We conduct review and certification to the relevant state and national legislation (or standard) where required.


With the capacity to service all of Asia Pacific, we are where you need.